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Pesach 5777 2017 – Cuba

Passover holiday, a time when we all had the ability to sit with loved ones, family and friends celebrating and experiencing the important holiday, commemorating the freedom and exodus of Egypt. Here at the CFCJ we were privileged to provide for our less fortunate brethren living in some of the most remote areas in the world, for them to have the ability to receive all their Passover needs, enabling them to celebrate this significant holiday with dignity and joy.

CFCJ’s intense Passover activities, consisted of primarily the important door to door Passover distributions (including hand baked shmurah matza, wine and many other Passover goods and delicacies, (together with the Spanish translated Haggada and beautiful Passover guides)) allowing our goal to be achieved. Via CFCJ’s multiple groups, crossing 15 cities and towns spanningthe island (a 1000 plus KM! strip), as well as CFCJ’s multiple sedarim on the island bringing the true yom-tov experience to every Jew living in Cuba.


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