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CFCJ Welcomes Back Passover Emissaries

 Crossing Length and Breadth of Cuba


This past week the CFCJ welcomed back its multiple emissaries from a successful 31/2 week activity in Cuba, Rabbis Avraham Baron (Howard County, MD), Levi Cohen, (Los Angeles, CA), Avraham Deitch (New Haven CT), Yisroel Posner (Boston MA), Menachem Zeiler (Lod Israel), followed by Shmuel Goldman and Benyamin Abrams (Los Angeles CA) (most of them studding for some time in South America, whereby picking up on the Spanish language). Once again for this time of the year the CFCJ put together a comprehensive Pesach/Passover program providing EVERY Jew on the entire island with ALL their necessary needs. Ensuring that our less fortunate brethren living in these remote areas should as well – by receiving theses important Passover goods – would have the ability to celebrate the Passover holiday with dignity and joy.

The emissaries began with our important door to door splendid Pesach distributions; containing hand baked Shmurah Matzah, wine and many other Passover goods; meals and delicacies. This is in addition to the Spanish translated Haggadot and beautiful Passover guides distributed in 13! cities and towns – additional to the capital – across the island (across a 1100km (! ) strip).
Followed with the intense preparations for CFCJ’s multiple se-ders. There were two grand public Se-ders in the capital/Havana and one on the east coast of the island. As every year the CFCJ chooses another of one of these cities and towns of the interior the CFCJ’s emissaries celebrate the se-de-rs together with the local community members.

There were additional activities culminating with the Mashiach se-ud-ah, celebrated towards the end of the holiday with Benyomin Abrams and Shmuel Goldman whom culminated the holiday with the community accordingly.

“Thank G -d the emissaries were very successful in their multiple missions namely as every Jewish home in this 1100km strip was personally visited, aligned with one of the famous messianic prophecies: “Ve-atem Teluktu L’Eachad Echad Beis Yisrael” – “And you, the house of Israel, will be gathered one by one”, noted Rabbi Shimon Aisenbach, Director of CFCJ.






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