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CFCJ Kislev-Tevet 5778 / December 2017 Emissaries Return.

With the exceptional team effort of CFCJ’s December/Chanukah groups of emissaries, the CFCJ had the ability in implementing its Chanukah mandate, bringing the spirit of the holiday to our impoverished brothers and sisters.   The groups of shlu-chim spent this special time with our fellow brethren on the island.  From the capital – Havana – to crossing the entire island, reaching every yid living in these most remote places (Cienfuegos, S. Clara, Ciego de Avilla, Camaguey, Campechuela, Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, to mention a few).

Providing all necessary provisions, (including the special Chanukah Kit – the Menoraha, candles, beautiful brochure, and the draidel!) so they have the ability to celebrate the chag with joy, light and warmth as all of us abroad.

“With the meticulous effort of the Shluchim, (additional to the formal Chanukah celebrations), every Jewish home this 1100 KM stretch was visited throughout the holiday in the spirit of the realization of the: “וְאַתֶּם תְּלֻקְּטוּ לְאַחַד אֶחָד בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל” = “and you shall be gathered one by one, O children of Israel (Isaiah 27:12)”.

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