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Passover Shipments 2020

April 2020

March 5780- 2020

Please see link – Purim Havana 5780-2020 – of CFCJ’s various Purim programs, via CFCJ’s emissaries Rabbi’s Levi and Laible Shemtov – The prayer and learning experiences, distributions, home visits and all culminating in a grand Purim day feast, the re-Megillah reading and celebration with the festive Purim meal, with music and much dancing – bringing the community the joy and light of this yom-tov.

February 3, 2020


In honor of Yud Shvat – the 10th of Shevat , Farbrengen/gathering was held in Havana Monday, February 3, with Rabbi Menachem Cadaner celebrating 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership. 


Winter – 5780 – 2019-2020 activities 

  A Unique Experience of CFCJ Emissaries   

Crossing the Width and Length of of  Cuba

Chabad Friends of Cuban Jewry (CFCJ) has recently welcomed
back from Cuba its latest emissaries:
Shimmy Silberberg (Mexico), Mendy Slavin (Caracas Venezuela), Abraham Abud (B.A. Argentina), Menachem Abud (B.A. Argentina).
The CFCJ emissaries, as part of their mandate, brought the
Chanukah holiday spirit to our impoverished brethren, scattered
over 1000KM, f
rom the capital – Havana – to crossing the entire
island, reaching every one of our brethren living in these most
remote places (
Cienfuegos, S. Clara, Ciego de Avilla, Camaguey,
, Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo
to mention a few).

They distributed Chanukah humanitarian aid kits (including all the
immediate Chanukah needs, such as the menorah set of candles,
dreidel as well the Chanukah brochures).
All this additional to the formal Chanukah celebrations; starting
from the central Chanukah celebration in the in Vedado (center
Havana), the community was brought together for a full Chanukah
spread, with song, celebration and an in depth holiday learning
“Thank G -d the emissaries were very successful in their multiple
missions namely, as every Jewish home in this 1000km strip
was personally visited, aligned with the of the famous messianic
“Ve-atem Teluktu L’Eachad Echad Beis Yisrael” “And
you, the house of Israel, will be gathered one by one”,
noted Rabbi
Shimon Aisenbach
, Director of CFCJ

Cheshvon 5780 – November 2019 

CFCJ had recently an intense month of activities associated with the month of Tishrei/ month of – the four – holidays.   With the multiple – all encompassing – services throughout the month providing the community with all their holiday needs; from the holiday services to the meals throughout the holiday, the Shofar, the Sukkot, the four species etc.   Importantly, although the CFCJ sends humanitarian aid throughout the year, it is during this month that the CFCJ intensifies the humanitarian aid and distribution efforts, and on a larger scale.  All of the above, enabling our brothers and sisters a-che-ynu bney Yisrael on the island to celebrate the entire holiday / Yomim Tovim season similar to their fellow brothers and sisters around the globe.

The  emissaries representing the CFCJ during this noted period, Rabbi’s: Zalman Gorowitz (B.A Argentina),  Avraham Feldman (Israel), Nitzan Gad (Israel), Levi Shem-Tov (Detroit MI), Tzvi Alperowitz (London, England) Menachem & Shalom Ber Cadaner (New Haven CT).

It can be said without any doubt that it has been a most successful Tishrei month, packed with the many programs and activities throughout, with the emissaries filling their multiple mandates with the necessary dedication.

Summer 2019

This past week Tuesday July 30,  the CFCJ has sent the Cadaner family, Rabbi and Mrs. Menachem and Chaya Cadaner, among other important activities with the Havana Jewish community they will be operating CFCJ’s annual grand summer camp for the Jewish children – which over the years the parents and others members of the community have joined this distinct program.

It is an opportunity for the children to have hands on experience learning all about Yidishkeit. Many ideas introduced in the summer are continued on throughout the year, all due to the impression and education they receive from the emissaries.

Aside from all the learning that the children receive, there are the unique trips and outings. They are taken to beautiful areas (mainly tourist attractions) to play and relax in. They are provided with supplies for arts and crafts, where they make beautiful projects based on Jewish themes. They have the usual hunts, sports and games that are so enjoyed in camp.

A tasty, heaping plateful of food is definitely rejuvenating. On a daily basis the children and their parents receive a scrumptious lunch. For many this is an adventure of its own. The CFCJ provides them with transportation from home to campgrounds, making it easier to gather everybody.


Press Release – Pesach 5779-2019

Passover/Pesach 5779-2019

No Jew Left Behind!
CFCJ Brings the Yom Tov/Pesach to J
ews Across 1100KM in Cuba




March 2019:


Winter – 5779 -end 2018 activities



CFCJ Welcomes Back the Petel Family (of 6)  Emissaries.


The CFCJ welcomes back the Petel family from Cuba, (as its 372’nd mission).

Rabbi and Mr. Yaakov & Leah and family (of six) were brought in by the CFCJ from Israel – to Cuba, to represent the organization for a few months – all throughout the yomim tovim/holiday period (indeed a grand and extensive enterprise for the CFCJ).

It can be said without any doubt that it has been one of CFCJ’s most successful consecutive few month periods in a while, culminating with the holiday/yom tov period.  The Petel family were present on the island for a great part of the summer, running CFCJ‘s summer activities, and then the vital programs and activities associated with the four holidays of the month of Tishrei – the month of the high-holidays.  There were nonstop joining participants, guest etc. throughout, (as an example, the very first 48 hours of the month of Tishrei/Rosh Hashana the Petel’s hosted for the holiday meals about 100 attendees (additional to the prayer sessions).   This occurred the entire month – continuous meal servings, distributions, prayer sessions and holiday gatherings.

A few captions of these activities:

 CFCJ’s Summer – Fall 2018 Activiteis – Petel Family 5778-5779



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